Thursday, 5 April 2012

Photomania - A Facebook application to edit your photos and add effects @

photomania facebook app
Did you e'er opine of adding any caller personalty to the photos which you human uploaded on Facebook ? Or are you sensing for Icon editing remedy for your Facebook photos ?

Instead of resorting to exercise like Photoshop ,Now you can create amazing pic personalty with an app named 'Photomania'. The 'Photomania' is a alter Facebook app that lets you to egest your photos looks pleasing, and artistic.This app helps you to modify your pet photos with panoramic show of personalty.The app has been hit big with more 2,200,000 monthly overactive users.

With PhotoMania you give create awing image personalty and alteration your photos into artistic sketches, unusual cartoons, famous celebs, lovers frames, pop-art pictures, creative paintings, oldness photography and galore much humorous ikon effects! There are several categories useable like Describe Structure ,Picture Zona,Fun Regularize, Vintage Order ,Change Divide, Popart Zona,Like Structure ,Artistic Regularise  - apiece with distinct styles of effects. Below is the redaction attender of app 'Photomania'.

Just install the app ,tune your pictures with awesome effects and share among friends .This app is easy to use ,automatically design your Facebook photos in one click.

Check out the app here @ .

Here are few photos edited with Photomania app.

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